That’s fucking beautiful

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Down in the hole..

Feeling so sad today, I feel as I fell my entire life; feeling alone in the family, a strange ghost with only hate of himself. Friends are only virtual and sometimes I want to throw all that computer thing for searching something real. I want to give a lot.

Listen/purchase: Polyvoks by Castration

click then feel the bitter of my mouth….


Today I feel really sad about a friend that doesn’t take care of his ego and the self picture of him. I feel really sad because I fought she was above it all and because I mistook myself. Maybe the love I don’t want about the relation is a little there and makes me think about it, or it’s the fact that… whatever. Perhaps it’s the “them not me” style of the secret. I’m too confused to say… Guilty for me, ashamed for others and sad for her. Maybe I find it too painful to have friends…